Why am I sharing my codes?

You may be wondering, why is she sharing this? And there are three big reasons.

1. Referrals give me perks too! I’ve always been a giving person and never one to hide information when I had it so the same applies. The cherry on top is that we both get something from it.

2. There aren’t enough women in the personal finance space sharing their codes. And let’s face it women, save and invest just as much as men. So, if you want to support a black, female, West Indian, personal finance enthusiast, please consider using one of my links.

3. Because it helps you! I hate when I want to try something out but don’t have the access to a connection for a referral. It’s extremely frustrating because who doesn’t love a discount?! If you’ve been looking to try something that I’ve mentioned on one of my social media platforms then the link is here. 

Referral Codes To Make/Save You Money

Canva – I use Canva Pro to create my social media graphics and design most of my POD products.

Creative Fabrica has a wide range of fonts, graphics and designs that help me to create my POD products.

Etsy – I use this platform to sell my POD shirts and other items. Open an Etsy shop and list your first 40 items for free by using my code.

Honeygain – Now, THIS is the true definition of passive income, all you have to do is turn on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Essentially, you’re sharing your lending your internet connection with someone else and it’s completely safe. Click the link for a USD$5 bonus.

Printful – I put my designs on items sourced from Printful. When I get a sale on Etsy, Printful is automatically notified and they print the deign on the shirt and ship it to the customer.

Wise – Open a USD, CAD, GBP bank account in minutes to start accepting payments from your online customers. It took me less than 5 minutes to set up my USD account! Also, on many of the selling platforms you’ll need a USD bank account to receive payments when PayPal is not accepted or you’ll have to receive a cheque which takes forever.

You Need A Budget – My love of YNAB runs deep. This software has helped me to take control of my finances in a way that Excel never could (and I’m a spreadsheet lover!). You’ll get a 34 day free trial of YNAB, if you decide to subscribe after the free trial we’ll both get an additional 30 days FREE!!

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