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September 2021 Side Hustle Income Report

New series alert!

Each month I’ll be publishing an income report and documenting my side hustle challenge progress. Showing you how much I spent and how much I earned (if anything 😅). My goal is to be transparent with you, showing the ups and the downs from the very beginning. Here’s my first month (realistically only 15 days) trying to make money online.

It all started with Etsy and the idea of trying to sell print on demand t-shirts.

15 September 2021 – Decided to attempt Etsy Print on Demand
18 & 19 September 2021 – Designed several products and listed 59 products uploaded to Etsy

Sales: 1
Revenue: $24.50
Profit: $8.51
Gross Margin: 36%
2021 Profit to Date: $8.51

Watch the video below to see how my first 7 days went.

So yeah, not off to a great start, but it’s a start!

I didn’t get anymore sales after that so I just continued to upload and research other money making ideas.

Truthfully, as I write this on October 15th, I have paused on designing and my goal to get 200 designs up in a month because I’m realising that it takes a lot more work to create designs that are copyright free or not trademarked, so I’m taking my time to figure out what designs I want to go with next.

Income: $0.00


Designs/Mockups/Fonts = $117.27

Printful = -$36.19 (later refunded)

Etsy = -$25.93

PayPal Fees = -$2.06 (later refunded)

Blog Subsciptions = -$19.41

TOTAL EXPENSES = -$200.86 ( -162.61 after refunds)

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