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Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Instructions: Please answer the following questions to assess your risk tolerance when it comes to investing. Assign a point value to each response based on the provided ranking system. Total your points at the end to determine your risk tolerance level.

Question 1: How would you describe your investment knowledge and experience?

– Limited knowledge and experience (1 point)
– Some knowledge and experience (2 points)
– Moderate knowledge and experience (3 points)
– Extensive knowledge and experience (4 points)

Question 2: What is your primary investment objective?

– Preservation of capital is my top priority (1 point)
– Capital growth with limited fluctuations (2 points)
– Balanced growth and moderate fluctuations (3 points)
– Maximum growth with higher fluctuations (4 points)

Question 3: How would you react to a significant decline in the value of your investment portfolio over a short period?

– I would panic and consider selling immediately (1 point)
– I would feel uneasy but hold onto my investments (2 points)
– I would stay calm and wait for the market to recover (3 points)
– I would see it as a buying opportunity and consider investing more (4 points)

Question 4: What is your investment time horizon?

– Less than 3 years (1 point)
– 3 to 5 years (2 points)
– 6 to 10 years (3 points)
– More than 10 years (4 points)

Question 5: How would you describe your reaction to fluctuations in your investment portfolio?

– I prefer minimal fluctuations, even if it means lower returns (1 point)
– I’m willing to accept small fluctuations for moderate returns (2 points)
– I can tolerate moderate fluctuations for potentially higher returns (3 points)
– I’m comfortable with significant fluctuations for potentially higher returns (4 points)

Question 6: What is your attitude towards risk-taking?

– I am risk-averse and prefer stable, predictable returns (1 point)
– I am somewhat risk-averse but open to reasonable risk (2 points)
– I am willing to take moderate risks for potential rewards (3 points)
– I am comfortable with high levels of risk for potentially high rewards (4 points)

Question 7: How would you rate your emotional reaction to investment losses?

– Significant distress and difficulty recovering (1 point)
– Mild distress but able to recover with time (2 points)
– Acceptable level of distress, manageable over time (3 points)
– Minimal distress and quickly able to recover (4 points)

Question 8: How important is it for you to achieve stable and consistent investment returns?

– Extremely important, even if it means lower overall returns (1 point)
– Fairly important, but willing to accept some fluctuations (2 points)
– Somewhat important, but willing to accept moderate fluctuations (3 points)
– Not important, as long as long-term returns are potentially higher (4 points)

Ranking System:

– 8-12 points: Conservative Investor (Low-Risk Tolerance)
– 13-18 points: Moderate Investor (Moderate Risk Tolerance)
– 19-24 points: Balanced Investor (Moderate to High-Risk Tolerance)
– 25-32 points: Aggressive Investor (High-Risk Tolerance)

✨Please note that this questionnaire serves as a general guide to assessing risk tolerance. It’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor or investment professional to get a comprehensive understanding of your risk profile and tailor your investment strategy accordingly.